What is a cookie?

Cookies are a small packet of information sent from a web server to an Internet browser and then returned by the browser each time it accesses that server.

They are used to improve the functionality of the site when it’s used by the visitors and to personalize their visits. Cookies allow the site to remember their actions and preferences for a certain period of time.

What cookies we use?

Session cookies: they are temporary active while the visitor uses the site. After the visitor’s leaving this cookies are deleted.

Persistent cookies: they are saved for continuous period of time in the memory of the device through which visitor are connected.

Necessary cookies: they are necessary to properly perform of the site’s functions.

Functionality cookies: through them the site personalizes the use of the site by the visitor based on the actions registered by him by remembering his preferences and how he uses the site.

Third party cookies: they are controlled by other sites which we use as part of the site’s functions.

We use:

Google Analytics – to analyze the visits to the site;

Facebook, Linked in, Instagram – to provide connection to the site’s visitors with our profiles in the social networks.